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SENS – Measure Body Temperature Safely

Contactless. Wireless. Precise.

When we say contactless

We actually mean it! Just attach SENS to your checkpoints or wherever required & get started. You get a medically accurate temperature measured in less than 5 seconds.

Monitor & keep track of visitors or your employee’s temperature using our dashboard. Integrations are available.

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Why choose SENS over other devices

100% Contactless

Unlike regular IR thermometers or thermal guns, this is a stand-alone device which provides a medically accurate temperature reading from a distance of 15cm

Instant results with high precision

Get temperature measured in less than 5 seconds with an accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees celsius

Dashboard with integrated data analytics

Measure & monitor temperature of every visitor or employee on a single intuitive dashboard

Easy integration

SENS is a sleek device that can be installed conveniently anywhere, from checkpoints to entrances. Retrofit with your existing biometric or ID scanners to push data real time.


Unlimited sensors can be connected to a single app, meaning SENS can work for large-scale temperature monitoring

Long battery life

A single charge on the battery of each SENS device lasts up to 15 days. Plus, you have the option to keep it plugged-in to a regular socket.

Why do you need SENS

The new normal has changed the way we work, meet people, commute. Conducting business operations needs to be done with best security practices

It is your business. Take control.

Build your first line of defence with SENS.

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